About us

Company Profile

MERCADO House has set new standards with our concept for exclusive, stable value and intelligent constructions. We are your respectable construction partner, together with our high qulification of our architects, engineers and construction partners all over the world.

Individual concepts of our customers will be converted to successfull customized designs and services. Convince yourselves also of the high german quality of our achievement by requesting our free information package.

Individual Solutions

No matter whether it was a villa or multi storey houses or commercial buildings, whether traditional building method or modern function variety, we develop the suitable concept for you and becomes exact requirements. Our system has no limits for any designs.

Send to us a sketch or a picture, which you found with one of the many house suppliers. Together with you and our local partners we optimize your plans and will put your draft designs as per your expectations and conceptions perfectly. And finally your house will reflect yourself.

Powerful Constructions

In order to feel in your own four walls a long safe life, we guarantee you by the substantial building method and the high thermal insulation of our houses optimal protection from wind and weather. By solid architecture not only for a healthy indoor climate one provides, but also for the stability of value of your real estate.

International success

MERCADO House provide a method of construction with many advantages over conventional systems. Site workers do not have to be skilled bricklayers. With appropriate instruction, it is especially suited to unskilled staff.

Alongside the MERCADO House wall, the MERCADO House ceiling system provides a high thermal and sound insulated floor/ceiling with the exceptional advantage of allowing the concrete to be poured onto the floor without extra supports.Also the longer unsupported span provides for greater freedom of design!

MERCADO House has been providing superior insulated homes throughout Europe and in all over the world for more than 35 years.

Train our Partners

The MERCADO House system is easy to learn, requiring less time for training. Installing window and door openings is fast and simple. The MERCADO House formwork system of latching connectors snaps in place quickly, so ICF panels are joined together fast and the job is done sooner.

Only one construction crew is needed to get the job done, instead of the typical three. The constructor save time and costs for labours.

We train the staff of our partner constructing companies in less time with our easy-to-understand, integrated system. No time installation of formwork was more quickly with our easy-to-snap-in technology

Of course we train the staff for electrical and plumbing installations. Installations are fast and easy and save also many construction time.